Universal Voltage Regulator Control

Compatible with Voltage Regulators from:

- Eaton (Cooper / McGraw-Edison)

- GE

- Howard Industries


- Siemens

- Toshiba

The UVR-1 Universal Voltage Regulator Control is a microprocessor-based step voltage regulator control that integrates seamlessly to SCADA/EMS systems for remote control and monitoring, volt/VAR optimization and distributed generation. It supports multiple communications including DNP3 protocol with unsolicited response.

Multiple power flow modes of operation available including locked forward, locked reverse, idle reverse, bi-directional, bi-directional with tap to neutral, neutral reverse, and co-generation. The control uses waveform sampling and digital signal processing to accurately measure and compute system parameters.

The UVR-1 is compatible with any single and multi-phase step voltage regulators including Type “A” regulators without load side PT’s. The differences in regulator types (i.e. operation counter, neutral switch, holding switch, motor polarity, phasing) are handled through the UVR-1 configuration selections.

Rail and harness kits are available that allow plug-in compatibility with all commonly available voltage regulators. The UVR-1 provides the maintenance, retrofit and upgrade markets with a flexible and advanced step voltage regulator control.

DNP3 Level 2 with unsolicited response

Multiple power flow modes and voltage reduction methods

Ideal for centralized and distributed volt/VAR optimization

Protocol port – serial EIA-232, EIA-485 and daughter board selectable

Supports multi-drop and loop configurations

Comprehensive data logging

Tapchanger contact wear log with alerts

Tap time out feature to prevent voltage runaway

Quick programming via front panel or via included UVR-1 Configuration Utility

Hardened EIA-485 daughter board

Fiber-optic daughter board

Fiber-optic Wi-Fi Ethernet daughter board

XIO 8 port interface board

XIO 5 port input only interface board

Battery backup

Heater assembly

Available Rail and Harness kits:

GE (SM3, NN Strip)

Siemens (IJ,SJ,MJ-XL,MJ-4)

Cooper (Eaton) (CL1 to CL5, CL6)

Howard Industries