The ICMI 40 year plus partnership with the distribution utility industry has provided simple, intuitive universal controls for voltage regulators and reclosers.

Flexible communication options integrate the controls into SCADA/DMS and Smart Grid schemes for remote monitoring, control and volt/VAR optimization and distributed generation including renewable generation.


  • Founded by Dirk and Sonja Mooibroek in 1973. Dirk’s background was building military aircraft and missile electronic systems.
  • Beginning in 1975 through the mid-1990’s ICMI designs and builds the McGraw-Edison Autobooster, Simplified Regulator and the first microprocessor based full 32 step voltage regulator control marketed as the CL-1 through CL-5.
  • ICMI was the first to offer a universal control for use with any 32 step single-phase voltage regulator.
  • Smart Grid acceptance in distribution applications prompts a major USA utility in 2009 to commission ICMI to develop Smart Grid firmware. ICMI supplies the new firmware which can be downloaded into UVR-1 controls up to 10 years old.
  • In 2012 ICMI releases the URC-IIA and URC-III TS (triple single) recloser controls. ICMI first established their experience with recloser controls in 1990 with models CMR-1 and CMR-3 for Electroswitch/Lexington reclosers.
New Beginnings

In 2014 ICMI was acquired by Reinhausen Group which affords access to the people and processes of a global technology leader (Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen) and a world class organization.

  • Reinhausen selects ICMI to be the principal access point in the United States to end-user utilities including generation, transmission and distribution for the complete Messko© product brand. ICMI maintains MESSKO© inventory in its Amelia, OH facility.
  • ICMI is also selected to be the principal access point in the United States to end-user utilities for the Transformer Automation product group which includes well known products like TAPCON©, Trafoguard and TESSA (asset fleet monitoring system).
  • ICMI expands the sales and marketing team across the United States with the additional solutions and products now available through Reinhausen Group.
  • ISO 9001 implementation initiates with a goal of third party certification in 2017